Peace of Mind

We Provide Peace of Mind

Aptitude can manage all your desktop computers, configure and maintain your servers, ensure your printer works flawlessly, develop custom web applications and/or your public website, and create and manage your online presence. With Aptitude managing all your IT services you can sleep well at night... more info.

Streamline workflow

Streamline your Processes

Let Aptitude utilize it's knowledge of technology to streamline your workflows through implementing the latest technology and best known practices to improve your efficiency and reduce expenditures... more info.

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap

Not ready for an internal IT team? Aptitude can provide all the services you would get from a full-time IT staff from web development to managed services and computer security. We are also able to provide help desk and remote support to quickly resolve your problems and get you back to work.

"I have been a practicing physician and healthcare executive for 20 years. I have worked with many technology companies and technology consultants at both a local and national level. Aptitude IT is by far one of the best out there. Our practice needed a very specific software solution to a pressing need. Not only did Aptitude IT deliver what was needed, they went beyond what was expected. We received personal, hands-on support and recommendations from start to finish. Our project was completed earlier than was expected and the final cost was well within our budget. As a result we now have a competitive edge in the market place and we recouped our entire investment soon after completion of the project."

—Michael Newcomb, M.D. - ASAP Health Solutions

Current News

06.12.2013   BuildCommand Beta Launch

I started working in the construction industry framing homes while still in high school more than 15 years ago (I am feeling old), my father and his father before him both built homes. I love construction. Whenever I see new buildings going up I get all excited. In the summer of 2009 I was working on a small remodel project, I had been general contracting and hadn't had the chance to be involved in the construction labor part of a project for a while. So, when the opportunity came up to do some "actual" work again, I took it. The house had a metal roof and just as we were about to finish the project it began to rain lightly. I slipped on the metal, fell two stories, and hit my head on a landscaping rock suffering a...